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Hefajat-e-Islam declared to engird secretariat

Published:2013-09-21 19:37:32    

Chittagong Correspondents: Bangladesh Hefajat-e-Islam has declared to engird the secretariat if the government won’t yield 13 demanded points within 31st January. On Saturday at Fatikchari in Chittagong the organization took this decision through a conference with the Islamic leaders. About four thousand Islamic scholars have joined in the conference from different parts of the country. The conference was presided over the president of the organization, Allama Shah Ahmed Safi.

They also demanded to government to stop the proposed kawmi Madrasha education policy.  

Very recently Hefajat-e-Islam has become the very much important in the politics of Bangladesh. They called a great protest in Dhaka on 6th April first and then 5th May, 2013 for the second time they stayed in Dhaka at night and police made a huge attack with BGB on the Hefajat supporters. 13 have been killed on that night according to government though Hefajat demand that the number of death is more than hundreds. After that they played a vital role in the 5 city corporation election.