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A.K.M Ruhul Amin: Pioneer for the knowledge Seeker

Published:2013-09-29 22:09:36    

Dhaka: Very few people in the world become the pioneer in various sector. Some people in Science and technology, some are in politics and so on. But those who are the pioneer of knowledge are the pioneer of other sector also. Actually they are the leader of the world. Because all sectors are depended on knowledge.

AKM Ruhul Amin is one of the pioneers of knowledge and for the knowledge seeker. From the very beginning of his student life he started his journalism through a special report in the Daily Azad according to  his own experience. The report was on ‘Panir Deshe Pani Becha hoy’ means water is sold in Bangladesh. But Bangladesh is the land of river.

AKM Ruhul Amin was born on 1947 at Duttapara, Iswargonj in Mymensingh. He studied in Chornikhola High School and in AM College, Mymensingh. Having good result in both SSC and in HSC he got admitted in Dhaka University in Bangla. He completed his graduation from the university and started his full time journalism professionally. He is continuing his journalism for four and half decades.

At present he is the Editor of Banglasongbad24.com and the advisor of the national parliament of Bangladesh. . He is the chairman rector of Amin Academi a school and college for new generation He is also a columnist. He writes in various newspapers and performs in various TV and radio programs. He writes on politics, social administration and religion. His writings consist constructive criticism and refer the way through which the problems of the country and the world can be solved.

He was the advisor of ‘Islamic TV’ and the chief advisor of the ‘Daily Bangla’. He held various positions in various newspapers. He worked in The Daily Azad, Sokaler Khobor,  The Daily Desh, The Daily Janata, Ekhoni Somoy, The Daily DeshBani, Amader Ktha, Bortoman Somoy, Daily Desh Janata and the Daily Rupobani  in various position like chief editor, editor, news editor and reporter.

He was the president of Afro-Asian young forum and secretary general of south-east regional education forum too. He is a member secretary of Bharat-Bangla parishad of spelling reform of Bengali language. Active member of national educational committee, mosque based primary education, education reform parishad, Educational administrative reform committee, Bangla Academy, National Library and the Quran Sunnah Parishad.

He was involved in more than 300 educational institutions. He was a complier member of colloquial language edited by Dr. Muhammad Sahidullah. He is also a pioneer of establishing private TV and radio channels.

He joined in the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. During liberation war he was the news editor of the weekly Jobab which was published from Mujib Nagar. His writings also  published on the foreign newspapers and articles on  various topics.

His writings sometime make annoyed the powerful and he had to face a lot of oppression in home and abroad. Five of his newspapers were banned and he was fired from his job for six times.  For his writings against government he was accused in 34 cases but got favorable verdict from court in 33 cases.

His book collection proves his intelligence. He has almost one lac 26 thousand books in his own collection. There are also a lot of articles, journals and editorials.

He has already visited 58 countries of Asia , Europe, Africa and America. He has good communication with national and international leaders, journalist, poet, writers and intellectuals.

 Among very few lucky people in the world he is one of them who met with the supreme leaders of the world. He met with Fahad bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, great leader of China Mau se Tung and Chu en Li, great leader Marshal Titu, former Indian prime minister Indira Ghandi, former president of Indonesia Suhatru and Sukarno Putri,  former president of Malaysia Mahatir Muhammad, former president of Maldives Malik Abdul Kaium , former president of Srilanka premadasa and former president of Myanmar Ne win.

He met and took interview from some Bangladeshi leaders too. He met with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, former president Zia ur Rahman, Ataul Gani Usmani, the chief in command in the liberation war, former president Badruduzza, Abu Sayed Chowdhury, Muhammadullah, Zillur Rahman, Hossain Muhammad Ershad and Present president Advocate Abdula Hamid.

He was close associate Mir Soukat ali bit uttam, Toufayel Ahmed, Abdur Razzak, Sirajul Alam Khan, ASM Abdur Rab, Shajahan Siraj those who are also pioneer of liberation war.

He also got close attention of great Islamic leader Pesh Imam of Holy Heram Sharif, Khatib of Masjid e Nababi.

In his personal and family life he is very much simple and religious. He completed his holly hajj during last decade of the past century.


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