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Korean Consultancy Group Visit Bangladesh for Fact Finding

Published:2016-03-07 17:28:05    

As three member delegation from the Korean Consultancy Group, Mr. HONG Sa Myung, Chairman of SEONGHO CREATIVITY CENTER, Mr. PARK Chan Dong, Chairman of KDS Group of Companies, Seoul, Korea and Ms. PARK Mee Nah, Organizing Secretary of the delegation, has visited Bangladesh in an project development and NGO Program fact finding mission. This visit was made possible with the support and careful organization by Honorable Member of Parliament, Bangladesh M. A. Awal and Mr. Imran Faruk Milky, CEO of SIM International Trading, Bangladesh, who is sitting as our (KDS,Korea) Bangladesh Ambassador/Representative there to refer any good & viable projects to KDS group, Seoul, Korea. The main areas of the development interest by the Korean Consultancy Group (KCG) in the Bangladesh are in the areas of aqua-culture cultivating, used lead battery recycling and NGO program including medical support etc.

Ms. PARK Mee Nah said that this will be the exploratory visit by the group and according to her they are keen to listen and observe in their visit to learn more about Bangladesh and how their Group can assist/organize in bringing investment into Bangladesh.

She stressed that their strength is in small and medium enterprise (SME) and they would like to explore any opportunity to support entrepreneurs in Bangladesh by way of technological and expert advice and even go back and entice SMEs in South Korea to relocate their operations to Bangladesh.

Ms. PARK Mee Nah also said that South Korea is a good benchmarking country for emerging markets as it once was one of the least developed and is a small country geographically, which ranks 109th in the world for total area, right behind Iceland.

The bottom-line, of our Ms. PARK said, is to ensure that “We go back to South Korea with the right information and spread the good word to potential investors and companies that Bangladesh is a safe country for foreign investment to do business with and with the several days of our staying in Dhaka, we can confidently say that we have been assured of that.”

Honorable MP Mr. Awal told the Group that the Government will be happy to take every advice that the Group will render and will play its part in ensuring that this initial scouting mission by the KCG will lead to a more tangible business relationship between local SME business operators (existing and emerging ones) and South Korean SME Business Operators.


Ms. PARK hinted that a second delegation will visit Bangladesh another time as a follow up to their visit on April or May this year.

The Group will be leaving our land on Feb 28, 2016 and have pledged their support to a stronger and sustainable relationship between South Korea and Bangladesh especially activating projects with PPP, or Public Private Partnership and NGO programs.


KDS has operated Global Operation & Network as below;

New York, USA

London, UK

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sydney, Australia

Sao Paulo, Brazil (Associated)

Kiev, Ukraine

Bangkok, Thailand

Nairobi, Kenya

Abuja, Nigeria

Yangon, Myanmar



KDS Group’s area of main business is government policy consulting, cosmetics, project organizing, international trading, resources development, security system and media.


KDS Group’s subsidiaries and associates are KDS Global Co., Ltd,Aung Su Wai Co., Ltd / Myanmar, KDS Global Project Alliance, KORSEC Innovation, News Africa, Africa Dream Holdings



KORSEC INNOVATION’s business is as below;

Supporting in foreign countries for Korean SMI’s business development

Defense and security goods

Coordination program with local military attaché in Korea

Supporting program for foreign delegation to Korea

Ms. PARK Mee Nah, Organizing Secretary of this delegation this time, has worked as Chief Operation Officer of ASEAN Center of KDS Group of Companies, being headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



She, born in the year of 1990 in Korea, studied at International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) in Malaysia and is developing the various business and projects in South East Asia.


She travelled six continents before her 20’s and joined charity program, teaching English for orphanage in Bangladesh in 2004. She also served teaching English and art at the refugee camp for Afghanistan in Malaysia in 2009. She participated in the program, ‘Youth Start-Up Academy’ in Korea.


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