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Grameen Bank: Helpful for Dreamer

Published:2013-09-25 21:50:43    

Dhaka: Sifat Senjuti a brilliant student of Bangladesh is now studing in Tenagan Nasional University of Malaysia. She was a student of Mominunnesa Girls’ college in Mymensingh. After passing HSC every one try to get admitted in top public and private universities in Bangladesh. But sifat Senjuti thought differently and tried for the scholarship from Grameen Bank(GB) to study in abroad.

She had completed some workshop providing by the Grameen Bank and she luckly got the scholarship in 2011 from the Bank and went to Malaysia for higher studies. She is now a student of honors 2nd  year in EEE. All the expenditure is bared  by the Yayasan Khazanah, a Malaysian government organization  . She will finish her higher studies from Malaysia and will return to the country. She hoped to be a great engineer and to serve her level best.

It is an example of a dreamer who got help from Grameen Bank. Similarly a lot of student got scholarship from Grameen Bank and go abroad for higher studies. Thus GB not only create a lot of good resources for the country but also create dream for stuents like Sifat Senjuti. Every year 5 student get this scholarship and get the chance to study in Malaysia.

GB is also the last hope for hope less. Micro credit has changed the fate of many poor people who lost their hope of life. Many women change their life and did development in their economic and social status receiving micro credit from GB.

The founder of GB Dr. Muhammad Younus and his organization GB jointly got nobel prize on peace in 2006 for his outstanding contribution in poverty reduction.