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Farhad Mazhar : Hope for the Hope less

Published:2013-09-28 20:04:21    

Dhaka: Farhad Mazhar is a name which is considered as a protector of the victims and hope for the hope less. His philosophy and work all are for those who are deprived from the society and for to explain the correct way of religion in personal, social, national and international life.


 Farhad Mazhar born on 9 August, 1947. He is now 66 years old having a great experience and knowledge on society, religion, politics and philosophy. He has passed a glorious life with great educational background. He completed his graduation from Dhaka University on pharmacy in 1967 and work as a Pharmacist in New York in seventies and eighties.


 He also studied on Social Research. . He is the founding member and Managing Director of ‘UBINIG’ (Policy Research for Development Alternative) a policy research and advocacy group in Bangladesh working as an integral part of the community with the grassroots people to strengthen common resistance against the dominant processes of globalization as well as creating space for strategic negotiations whenever possible.


From the very beginning of his appearance as an intellectual, Farhad Mazhar has always been committed to Karl Marx, particularly because of his analysis of Capital and the formation of revolutionary subjects. He claims himself as a proper leftist. He claims those who have not proper knowledge on Marx they explained him in a wrong way and do unnecessary criticism on him.


 His recent intellectual contribution is more concerned with the critical understanding of religion, spirituality and the question of class narratives in a post-colonial society. He is virulently critical of the vulgar materialist reduction of Marx's contribution as well as the teachings of his revolutionary followers by the conventional Left in Bangladesh.


 Mazhar argues for a new rightist politics which is more informative, technical, proper and strong by the experience of the failure of previous socialist projects and the recent developments in philosophy and politics. Beside being an accomplished poet, he is considered as the major radical thinker in Bangladesh.


He thinks any how the capitalist society should be vandalized by any group or by any person. He thinks those who can break he can build. It is very necessary to come out from the heinous capitalism.


Publications: Mr. Mazhar has great contribution on publication. He has published a lot of  valuable books, journal and articles. Among them his ‘Mokabela’ is one of  the best books in the world. Some of the name of his books  are given here.


  • "Mokabila" (Engagement 2006)
  • Prastab(Proposal, 1976)
  • Sashastra Ganaabhyutthan Ebong Ganatantrik Rashtrer Utthan Prasange (On Armed Mass Revolt and the Rise of Democratic State, 1985)
  • Sangbidhan O Ganatantra (Constitution and Democracy)


  • Khokan O Tar Pratipurush (The Dear Boy and His Representative, 1972)
  • Tribhanger Tinti Jyamiti (Three Geometries of the Ugly, Ill-shaped Man, 1977)
  • Amake Tumi Danr Kariye Diecho Biplaber Samne (You Have Pushed Me Towards Revolution, 1983)
  • Leftenant General Truck (Lieutenant General Truck, 1984)
  • Briksha (The Tree, 1985)
  • Subha Kusum Dui Forma (Subha Kusum Two Formats, 1985)

‘Chintaa Pathchokro’:  One of his great contribution is to established the ‘Chinta Pathchokro’ means a study circle. On every Thursday this circle is set in his own home in Shyamoli. He has also a website, ‘www.chintaa.com’. Here he discussed on various topics like religion, philosophy, and politics and so on. On every Thursday some knowledge seekers go there and gain knowledge from the philosopher.