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They have dream too

Published:2013-09-30 21:58:31    

Dhaka: Children are called the future of the nation. But what about the children in street and in various house as home maid? Are the government, media and civil society are concern about them? The answer is no.

In Dhaka city at least 2 lac children lives in street and they pass their day with various little job instead of little money. Mainly they clean cars, collect garbage, selling flowers, chocolates and sometimes bagging. After a certain period of time some of them become involved in various terrorist activities just instead of some money and some facilities. Some of them become rickshaw puller and day laborer.

On the other hand some children work in many houses as a maid servant. Especially girls work in homes. They are the victim of rap by her home master. The lady master torch those girls heinously. Very recently the girl ‘Aduri’ has been beaten brutally and then she has been thrown to a dustbin as they thought the girl has been died. Are they thinking themselves human being still? Will Aduri get proper justice? Won’t the people treat maid servants like their child?

 The street child and the maid servants have also dream and they also want to see their future a good one. It’s our responsibility to take care them. Its government’s duty to ensure the basic rights for them. The government should be careful about that as the street childrens can not be involved in terrorism.




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