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Egypt on high alert to Morsi trial

Published:2013-11-04 13:29:36    

Banglasongbad24: Egypt's ousted former President Mohammed Morsi is due to stand trial on Monday, along with 14 other senior Muslim Brotherhood figures.  They are charged with inciting the killing of protesters during clashes outside the presidential palace last December.

Security services are on high alert after supporters of the former president called for major protests.

Mr Morsi was ousted by the military in July after protests against his rule.

Although he won the presidency in a democratic election, during his 13 months in power Mr Morsi fell out with key institutions.

After he was ousted, a sit-in protest in Cairo by Mr Morsi's supporters was violently broken up by the military, leading to the deaths of hundreds of people.

The interim government has also cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Mr Morsi hails, banning the Islamist organisation and arresting dozens of senior figures.

His supporters say he was removed in a coup and is now facing a politicised trial. Human rights groups accuse the security services of acting without accountability. BBC